Lightbox | groundbreaking photo triage and organization app

The Challenge

Microsoft intended to enter the professional and “prosumer” photo organization and editing market and compete head-to-head with Aperture and Lightroom.  They needed an intuitive new way for photographers to quickly triage, organize and manipulate thousands of photos at a time and saw the potential in exploring an interface inspired by the analog lightbox.



Microsoft had already acquired a photo editing and organization application they intended to refine and launch.  They were, however, missing the killer feature that would set their offering above and apart from the competition.  Having done research on their own observing how photographers triage and organize files they decided to explore a digital feature based on the old analog lightbox and slide metaphor.  From this starting point, my team was brought in.


We hit the ground running with a comparable and competitive audit, client workshops, brainstorming and rapid idea generation.


Refine, Iterate, Prototype

We generated 5 distinct lightbox interaction models and presented the merits of each.  Five were narrowed down to the strongest two and features, rules and motion studies developed based on the core scenarios of use.


The Result

Final design specifications, motion studies, visual language and scenarios of use were delivered to a satisfied Microsoft leadership team.


Senior design analyst (me), senior visual communication designer, creative director


My Role

Sr. design analyst at frog design

Discovery and evaluation

Rapid ideation – sketches and wireframes

UX / Interaction design

Art direction

Work closely with developer on prototypes

Client / stakeholder presentations – creating and presenting

Creative direction

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