Re-envisioning the portal experience

The Challenge

MSN wanted to break free of the traditional internet portal experience and explore the boundaries of how viewers browse for and discover news and events.  They asked for several conceptual redefinitions of the MSN home experience.



I first evaluated the current MSN homepage across a broad range of criteria including engagement, attention, hierarchy and excitement.  Simultaneously I met with key stakeholders at MSN and established goals for the project and for the average MSN user.


Push, Pull & Promote

The team set specific criteria that each homepage concept should fulfill.  Broadly those rested in three main categories:  Pushing information to the user, Letting the user explore or pull information to them and promoting important and time-sensitive information effectively.


Rapid Concept Generation

Using a variety of idea generation techniques we created tens of sketches and ideas.  Once we had a broad enough range of ideas we began to evaluate them against the previously developed criteria and narrow down to the 4 or 5 best approaches.


The Result

The best two concepts were prototyped to illustrate the core scenarios of use including breaking news, exploration, passive news reading, integration with other MSN services (mail, chat, etc.) and theme.  MSN executives were treated to a vision of the future of news and entertainment consumption.


Senior design analyst (me), senior visual communication designer, creative director


My Role

Sr. design analyst at frog design

Discovery and evaluation

Rapid ideation – sketches and wireframes

UX / Interaction design

Work closely with developer on prototypes

Client / stakeholder presentations – creating and presenting

Creative direction

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