Insights into the future of trucking products & services

The Challenge

Paccar, makers of Peterbuilt and Kenworth trucks, needed insight into how to serve drivers better and find new areas of opportunity for product and service innovation.



We identified several large truck stops across the country and in Europe and composed an in-field interview plan along with goals for the project.  We interviewed a total of 48 drivers for about one hour each. Together they represented 17 states and five different countries.


Finding Patterns

After each interview we compiled a respondent deck outlining the interviewees responses, body language and general attitude across several topics important to the client.  Once we reached a critical mass of data we began comparing and looking for patterns across various respondent types and demographics.



Next we identified product and service opportunities that would engender drivers to the Paccar brand and provide much needed support to an under appreciated and overworked customer base.



The complete set of insights and opportunities were delivered to the Paccar team as a report.


One anthropologist (lead) & myself as UX designer / researcher


My Role

In-field interviewing and direct observation (multiple locations and states)

Analysis of field data

Generating findings and product opportunities based on research

Assisting in the creation of client / stakeholder presentations and final report



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