Early explorations in the next generation of Microsoft mobile

The Challenge

The Zune group wanted a touchscreen mobile interface concept with people at its core.  Aimed at the next generation of Windows Mobile devices, we aimed to elevate the level of interactivity and leverage the existing Zune experience.



We met with the Zune team for an all day intensive ideation session.  We created various sketches and ideas and evaluated these against the project and interface goals.  We quickly narrowed down to the best two approaches and two teams set about realizing each while the client pursued a third.


Powers of Ten

My team explored an interface metaphor based loosely on the zooming concept, “powers of ten.”  I began generating rules of information display and interaction for 5 different “levels of zoom.”  Broadly, the concept was to allow a user to dive into ever detailed levels of information for any given person or thing (application, photo, etc.), all the while providing contextually relevant functionality at each level.


Having established rules for information display and levels of zoom we went through two quick rounds of visual design and motion studies.


The Result

In 6 fast paced weeks we generated a mobile interface framework that emphasized the social side of mobile interactivity using a zooming metaphor.  We created three storyboards and videos showcasing the interface moving through 3 core scenarios.


Senior design analyst (me), design analyst, creative director


My Role

Sr. design analyst at frog design

Discovery and evaluation

Rapid ideation – sketches and wireframes

UX / Interaction design

Client / stakeholder presentations – creating and presenting

Creative direction

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